A monster called crisis

A snapping, flaming, ugly unbelievable demanding dragon has made it’s way in the lives of many friends I know. The reason I can identify this is because I used to also be a slave to this monster, totally caught up in the unjustifiable demands of this horror. 

It is amazing how I used to work like crazy just to keep this ever hungry companion of mine grabbing for more, scratching at the borders of my sanity. Lies, crisis, demands, ugly, pain……dragging at my ever diminishing energy.

The monster my beautiful friend has a name, you may have recognised it already, the name is CRISIS.

It is a never ending deep and long valley that is pounded by a steady rain of gravel and from time to time rocks and on occasion even a huge boulder rolling on top of you.

The valley that you are in, is the place you end up in due to your choices you made in certain critical circumstances of your life. We are all creatures of safety and leisure and suffering is something that we do no deal well with so we choose naturally towards the easier road and then end up in a valley with rocks chasing down the side with nowhere to hide. 

Strangely enough sometimes we believe that we are only good when crisis hits, as though you invite that monster in just to feel worthy or busy or effective? We invite this monster into our lives by not realising that you can say NO!

I want to encourage you today to say NO to that monster called CRISIS. You are not doing yourself or your loved ones any favours by being part of this drama that surrounds you.

Here is a little truth I discovered, it is not about you and you will surely be killed by these boulders and rocks chasing at great speed down the mountain and into your valley.  Your valley has such beautiful views, trees, peace, serenity……but you are missing it, ducking for boulders.

If you are searching for a map to find the treasure that will unlock your potential to deal with this monster, go to the bathroom mirrior or even take a selfie on your phone…..there is your map.

You don’t need me to tell you that you are in serious need to just STOP! I know that you know that deep inside, I did too, and I suffered the consequences.

Now I want you to imagine exactly what is going to happen when you refuse to respond to the drama by slipping onto the back of the ever present crisis monster to try and fly the monster!

My lovely friend, you will be okay. It is okay to say,…..’not my circus, not my monkeys!”

Your kids and your husband are not the ones to bring you peace and quiet, they are there to bring you life. Everything that surrounds you is part of your journey and if you choose to see it as a crisis, then you better look at the choices you made to bring that crisis into your life.

Your journey, your choices, your path, your life…..

Don’t react to challenges by running around like a headless chicken, you are running over your blessings, SLOW DOWN! No-one will win this race and we are certainly not getting out alive.

Don’t stop working

Don’t stop setting goals

Don’t stop persuing what sets your heart on fire.

But girlfriend, it is not a drama of which you are the queen and that monster called crisis is not your prince that you are meant to entertain because he has nothing good planned for you.

Slay the dragon called crisis TODAY!

Shalom © Moments with Maggs 2019

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