The Power of choice…..

I am an EPICLY positive woman! I don’t know that is even a word but I am taking author privileges here.  I also like to use exclamation marks to bring my joy across….having said that….

It is my experience that it takes way more energy and is way harder to shame and blame, feel guilty and hide than to choose and pursue with energy and zest!

An unplanned and undisciplined life can often lead to feelings of frustration and malfunction. It has to be really hard not to know what you are going to be doing tomorrow morning when you open your eyes.  Why would you if you don’t have a goal or a task or a job or a hobby or anything for that matter worthy to put your feet on the ground and pursue?

I often imagine that, when I sit up in the morning after talking to God all night in my sleep that the enemy puts his hands over his eyes just like the little monkey emoji thinking: “ O no, she is awake, now let’s see how hard she is going to whip my ass today!”  Honestly! I think that!

Life’s journey does have potholes, MANY of them; some of them a deep hole, filled with mud and dirty water. I acknowledge that! I have lived through many of those! I also acknowledge that we all have one life to live and it is totally impossible to plan the journey in detail. As an EPICLY positive woman, I want to tell you that what you do have, is determination and the promise in God’s Word that THIS is the day the Lord made and you gotta get through it but you have a beautiful choice of how using your attitude.

If you have a destination in mind though, when the potholes hit, or the choices are forces and not choices, you can use attitude and decisions to recalculate your end destination.  Imagine in your head that lady on your Google Maps saying…..recalculating.  You get irritated, but sometimes you need to be reminded that you are going off track and better yet, not everything is your fault, but how you are going to get back on track is totally in your attitude.

Jim Rohn said if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

All of us, and I firmly believe every single one of us, has got that one recurring dream or wish in our hearts. It has been there your entire life, planted in your heart in your mother’s womb.  I don’t believe a single baby (by the way this is the only way you can get from heaven to earth in my opinion) is born without that seed inside no matter who you are!

Sadly, very few take the time to really become still and look deep and shine a light on it, highlighting it in its full glory. I can already hear the pessimist saying: “Yes, but not everyone is educated, fortunate, rich, healthy, smart, and and and….” Sorry pessimist, I started this blog with the warning ‘EPICLY positive’ and it is a God-given talent that I am deeply thankful for! I cannot solve the world’s questions, God can so here is a thought, the person reading this, why are you hiding and what is your excuse?

Maybe it is so huge and scary because it is totally against how you were raised or you may not have a single skill or dime or talent to even be thinking of it, but let me assure you, God planted it in you and He is trying to get you to DIG for it.

If diamonds were scattered on the earth in plain sight, will they still be jewels or gems or will they be like the plain old grey and white stones that cover our driveways just be scattered to keep the dirt in its place?  Go look up how a diamond is formed… can learn a lot about your worth if you do.

What did you think God was going to do? Place it on a plate or write it on your birth certificate after you were born so that it can become common and you can ignore it or even take it for granted? Imagine the hospital staff could draw blood or do a scan and give you a talent diagnosis.  “Yep, this one is a singer/builder/painter!”

In life, we spend more time developing and honing skills, chasing money and dealing with guilt than investigating our hearts for what lies buried there, just for you, my beautiful friend.

You are wasting so much energy dearest human, an energy that will run out soon…. Someone once said that a graveyard is full of buried dreams, never to be realised. How sad is that! We should be crying more about the wasted dreams than the body that did not keep up.

I encourage you to sit totally quiet for an extended period, with no incoming messages and you will not believe how fast you will graduate toward that pull in your heart.

Once found, it will shine so bright that you will be like a lighthouse, attracting all the right energy to bring it to fruition. God rewards those who seek His Kingdom first as He placed in you everything that you need to helps build His people.

Your talents are not yours to keep, they are yours to share and enjoy the gifts that you get pursuing them because you are giving them to God’s Kingdom!



© GutsygirlInc – Moments with Maggs 2019

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